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UPS Supply Chain Solutions
Cash Management

Best-in-class supply chain management can manifest above average market cap growth, and cash management is an integral part. Organizations are beginning to understand the value that optimized supply chains bring to the bottom line and how costly unsystematic supply chains can be.

Flexible, synchronized, demand-responsive supply chains should be able to maintain an operation's inbound and outbound cash flows regardless of changing conditions. Successfully integrated supply chains should efficiently and effectively operate within well-defined metrics to achieve strategic financial objectives.

Our consulting services team can assist in defining these metrics and in establishing supply chain processes designed to meet the prescribed returns and expected revenues. We can also work within your organization to solicit and attain agreement on the stated objectives, define the changes needed, and implement the required procedures. This can provide:

  • Better working capital management strategies to accelerate cash flow
  • Reductions in aggregate cash requirements due to shortened order-to-cash cycles
  • Greater understanding of the costs to serve different customers
  • Superior utilization of assets through life-cycle management
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