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UPS Supply Chain Solutions
Advanced Analytics

Using advanced analytics in Flex Global View, UPS Supply Chain Solutions gives you even more ways to analyze trends in your supply chain data. Advanced analytics is a Web-based application that adds multi-dimensional analysis capabilities to the Flex Global View suite.

With rapid response times, advanced analytics enables users to explore large volumes of data using summarized information. This online database provides the necessary elements to perform immediate business analysis and review summary reports or access more detailed information as needed. You can get fast answers to your business questions by moving easily from one level of information to the next.

Advanced analytics enables you to:

  • Perform high-level to detail-level analysis
  • Create customized report views and download results to your desktop
  • Share dynamic result sets between licensed users
  • Analyze multiple aspects of the supply chain to see how values change over time
  • Compare results across geographical locations
  • Identify trends and compare historical data to pinpoint opportunities for improving supply chain efficiencies

Through Flex Global View, advanced analytics offers online access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system is designed for UPS Supply Chain Solutions customers utilizing supplier management or U.S. customs brokerage services.

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