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Supplier Management

Doing business with suppliers in other countries can open up possibilities -- and create challenges.

Managing vendors and orders can be a daunting task when you factor in varying languages, cultures, time zones and distance. Our Supplier Management service can provide you the critical components to enable successful international commerce. Acting as your eyes and ears around the world, we bridge time zones, cultures, distance and languages to help create a seamless supply chain. We leverage our international infrastructure, systems and experience on your behalf to proactively manage your overseas suppliers and logistics.

Now you can have the vital order, item and vendor fulfillment information you need -- before your order is scheduled to ship. By obtaining information earlier in the fulfillment process, you'll gain more control and lower your costs. Using standard operating procedures, your purchase orders, and our state-of-the-art operating system, we monitor critical data and events, and communicate any deviations from plan. Information is available to you online, so you can access data when you need it.

Our standard services include:

Vendor Compliance and Order Management
We manage your supplier, item, order and shipment details to ensure what you order is what you receive.

Global Information Management
We track events and milestones, report progress and exceptions, and alert you when action is required.

Global Distribution Management
Our comprehensive portfolio of services includes consolidation, pick and pack, pre-distribution, warehousing, distribution center by-pass, customs clearance and even integrated solutions for end-to-end handling.

Regulatory Compliance Management
We manage and monitor your documents to ensure accuracy in comparison with your purchase order, and to track your customs clearance progress.

Transportation Management
We manage local and international transportation so your products are delivered at the right time, to the right place, in the right way. You can leverage UPSís global network and proven experience to meet your transportation management and freight shipping needs.

With UPS Supply Chain Solutions you can manage international suppliers with more accountability and better control, regardless of the time and distance between you. With our Supplier Management service you can explore new options and expand your purchasing possibilities with more ease than ever before.


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