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UPS Supply Chain Solutions
Parts Planning

Your company provides systems and equipment that add tremendous value to your customers. Reliable post-sales support is needed to retain those customers and sustain your competitive advantage. Continuous equipment availability and rapid access to critical parts are essential to quickly correct any problems that may occur.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions can provide your company with optimal parts planning to help reduce inventory levels, increase operational efficiencies and improve service. Our capabilities include site planning, multi-tiered excess inventory identification, demand forecasting, stock procurement, and optimal stock rebalancing, repair and replenishment.

Consider the following parts planning advantages:

Increase flexibility. Choose from a wide range of options and value added services. When you tap into UPS Supply Chain Solutions, you have an experienced parts planning team and robust IT systems at your disposal.

Lower inventory costs. Based on your client network and service records, UPS Supply Chain Solutions calculates safety stock requirements and effectively balances inventory levels.

Improve service. Our system automatically maintains inventory levels to improve fill rates and significantly reduce missed deliveries, thereby increasing customer satisfaction and avoiding service penalties.

Enhance performance reporting. Track your service parts as they move throughout the supply chain - from trunk stock and field stocking locations to central distribution and the return and repair cycle.

Achieve rapid return on investment. Our integrated solutions help you to achieve rapid returns through synchronized parts planning.

Contact the experts at UPS Supply Chain Solutions to access proven parts planning solutions that can optimize your post-sales supply chain and help your company achieve a measurable return on investment.

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