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UPS Supply Chain Solutions
Returns and Repair Management

Recover. Reconcile. Repair. Recycle. UPS Supply Chain Solutions' returns management system lets you place inventory back into your supply chain fast. We can provide a single point of contact, from the time a product leaves your customer through the closure of the order. Specialized technology tracks and reports performance metrics to help speed inventory flow and improve fill rates. Your company gains flexibility and reliability, for everything from a critical part needing rapid turnaround to reusable products undergoing refurbishment.

Maximize speed and flexibility in your returns process
Our Returns Material Authorization (RMA) process expands your options for recovering assets, while tracking the complex flow of information and products. Your company's field engineers, help desk or customers can call or check online to confirm warranty and service requirements for a product and get authorization to return it.

To make sending returns easy, we can provide call tags or pre-printed, bar-coded Authorized Return Shipment (ARS) labels. For advanced returns, an Intelligent ARSSM upgrade enables field engineers to disposition products on-site and expedite parts back into inventory or directly to a repair facility. If you need support for a major installation, UPS Supply Chain Solutions can supply technicians to manage the entire de-install and install process as well as arrange transportation and disposition where needed.

Minimize downtime with time-critical repairs
Time is money and so is your inventory. Our Louisville Technology and Logistics Center features an ISO-certified repair facility within minutes of the UPS WorldportSM air hub. This unique end-of-runway advantage allows for expedited technical repair processing and turnaround within 24 hours.

UPS Supply Chain Solutions brings years of proven experience to technical repair. A team of certified technicians follows your companys specifications to deliver a range of solutions, including product screening and testing, modular and component repair, cosmetic refurbishment and postponement. If your company uses other repair vendors, UPS Supply Chain Solutions can manage the entire process, from transportation to tracking and closure of the repair order.

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