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UPS Supply Chain Solutions

Every day you scramble to respond to shifting market opportunities, but your supply chain is not equipped to keep up with your expanding and contracting needs. You continue to increase the number of stores, while the infrastructure supporting them requires more of a capital investment than you can make right now. Your company heavily promotes an item that may or may not arrive in time. Without visibility in your supply chain, you simply can't be sure.

In a retail environment where it is increasingly more difficult to show a competitive advantage while maintaining profit margins, you need to focus on your retail strategy rather than deal with supply chain issues.

Let UPS Supply Chain Solutions help you achieve the results you need. We have proven experience in the following industries:

  • Retail and apparel
  • Consumer electronics
  • Film and entertainment
  • Footwear
  • Sporting goods
  • Toys

Our experienced professionals work closely with retail businesses to improve service, optimize distribution and transportation networks, and streamline their global supply chains. UPS Supply Chain Solutions can help:

  • Respond to market and seasonal fluctuations by tapping into our global infrastructure and resources, including our experienced staff, vast network of facilities, and extensive operating systems.

  • Reduce your inventory without jeopardizing your safety stock, with a comprehensive solution that includes supply chain design, planning, and implementation.

  • Ensure that your purchase orders are being fulfilled as promised, and that your vendor compliance requirements are being met, through our Supplier Management program.

  • Gain control and visibility into your product pipeline through our advanced tracking, event reporting and data analysis.

  • Meet the latest market trends by increasing your speed to market through solutions focused on increasing efficiency and minimizing costs.

  • Gain access to proven customs brokerage capabilities.

  • Eliminate the need for distribution centers and reduce time in transit by transporting products directly to your stores or customers' doors through UPS Trade DirectSM Ocean and UPS Trade DirectSM Cross Border.

Put our decades of proven experience, global infrastructure, and advanced technology to work for you. We can turn your retail supply chain into a competitive advantage.

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