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Your Challenges, Our Insights
UPS Supply Chain Solutions white papers provide insight into the guiding principles we use to create innovative solutions and strategies that synchronize multiple business processes. Find out how we can apply these principles to your business.

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Inventory in Motion: A Direct Alternative to Global Fulfillment

Logistics visionaries have talked for years about eliminating or at least reducing the role of inventory in modern supply chains. What is appealing in this vision is the reduction in logistics costs and the fulfillment cycle. Learn how a direct to store or distribution bypass approach to global fulfillment can lead to a leaner supply chain.
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Getting Started: The Basics of Organizing a Strategic Sourcing Program

Increasingly companies are recognizing the importance of procurement as a strategic part of the supply chain. The advent of the Chief Procurement Officer illustrates how this area of the supply chain is escalating in importance. By organizing a strategic sourcing program, you can get your company started in the right direction.
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Strategic Sourcing: Building a Foundation for Success

There is sourcing, and then there is strategic sourcing. This white paper discusses the differences and the profound impact strategic sourcing can have on a companys financials. While cost reduction is typically a primary goal, a strategic sourcing initiative can go well beyond influencing the purchasing and procurement processes. Strategic sourcing achieves operational improvements and supports an organizations strategic objectives.
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Supply Chain Value: Three Principles to Obtain More From Your Supply Chain Initiatives

The supply chain continues to be an area of untapped value. Before embarking on a supply chain initiative, you can follow the three basic principles outlined in this white paper to help capture more value, instill rational behavior, and avoid friction.
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A Framework for Developing an RFID and Auto-ID Strategy

When considering RFID, it should be examined as a backdrop for developing a much broader Auto-ID strategy. Business cases and pilots can help define the reasons for implementing RFID and determining the ROI. Defining the benefits, understanding the supply chain processes impacted, and setting executive expectations should be part of a holistic RFID strategy.
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RFID in Healthcare: A Panacea for the Regulations and Issues Affecting the Industry?

RFID holds much promise for the healthcare industry. It can be used to monitor patients, conduct clinical trials, manage inventory, and more. With all its hopes, there are still some issues to be resolved. This paper explores some of the pluses and minuses.
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Six Sigma and RFID: Enabling Process Improvement

Discover how two major corporate initiatives like Six Sigma and RFID, which seem to be discrete, can come together right time, right place, and right process to benefit an enterprise by improving operations and realizing cost savings.
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Building Supply Chain Capabilities in the Healthcare Provider Market-Part I: The Current Environment

Explore why it is seemingly so difficult to initiate supply chain management improvements in the healthcare provider market. Although the supply chain is typically the second largest expense in hospitals after labor costs, the provider market has been slower to embrace them. Often they are faced with tough choices, but supply chain management opportunities exist that can add value to the bottom line.
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Supply Chain Solutions for Healthcare Providers-Part 2: Supply Chain Improvement Opportunities

Increasingly, hospitals are finding it difficult to maintain profitability. But with proper supply chain planning and execution in key areas, healthcare providers can reduce operating costs. Identify the key areas and consider how proper implementation can make your hospital system operate more efficiently. Recognize the quick hit areas that can generate improvements in the right direction.
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