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Your Challenges, Our Insights
UPS Supply Chain Solutions white papers provide insight into the guiding principles we use to create innovative solutions and strategies that synchronize multiple business processes. Find out how we can apply these principles to your business.

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Indirect Procurement Outsourcing: Why, How and When

As companies look for new and better ways to improve revenues, indirect procurement outsourcing is becoming increasingly popular. Outsourcing is certainly not new, but outsourcing the procurement process is still under consideration by many. This white paper takes a closer look at this burgeoning market and the facts to be considered when selecting an outsourcing partner.
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Demystifying RFID in the Supply Chain: An Overview of the Promise and Pitfalls

The promise of RFID technology is real and can provide increased asset visibility, enhanced information content and velocity. Equally as real are the pitfalls. Learn the basics of RFID as well as the keys to strategic perspectives.
 Download White Paper (176 KB)

Supply Chain Strategy: The Importance of Aligning Your Strategies

The need to think strategically about the supply chain has never been more important. This paper explores the elements of a successful strategy from assessment to development of an implementation plan to execution.
 Download White Paper (150 KB)

A Just-In-Time Supply Chain? Achieving Just-In-Time Operational Objectives Requires the Coordination of Production, Planning, Sourcing, and Logistics

In this white paper, the author examines the benefits of adopting a true Just-In-Time inventory principle and the necessary commitments required across the enterprise.
 Download White Paper (131 KB)

High Tech Manufacturing: What Does Outsourcing Mean to Your Supply Chain?

As OEMs focus on product innovation and capital reductions, they are increasingly outsourcing some or all of their manufacturing and assembly operations. We examine the keys to success from three viewpoints: Supplier, EMS provider, and OEM.
 Download White Paper (164 KB)

Building Supply Chain Capabilities in the Pharmaceutical Industry-Part 1: Trends Impacting the Supply Chain

In this white paper, the authors identify key macro level trends within the pharmaceutical industry and explore their implications on the supply chain.
 Download White Paper (138 KB)

Building Supply Chain Capabilities in the Pharmaceutical Industry-Part II: Winning Supply Chain Capabilities

How do you build a supply chain that will meet the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry today? The authors propose five differentiating supply chain capabilities that can position your company to win.
 Download White Paper (170 KB)

Building a Category Management Capability

Category management is a powerful tool that offers promising results. This white paper details a streamlined process for realizing benefits fast and it all starts with the customer.
 Download White Paper (171 KB)

Up and Running: Helping Supply Chain Technology Do Its Job

Supply chain technology can provide greater efficiencies, lower costs, and improve service. Learn the keys to a successful implementation and the pitfalls to avoid.
 Download White Paper (134 KB)

Delivering Real Value Through Cost Reductions

Cost reductions do not have to reduce the value you provide your customers. This white paper explores how costs can be reduced in five areas of supply chain management while providing real value to your customer.
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