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Your Challenges, Our Insights
UPS Supply Chain Solutions white papers provide insight into the guiding principles we use to create innovative solutions and strategies that synchronize multiple business processes. Find out how we can apply these principles to your business.

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Maximizing Your Adaptability: Surviving and Winning the High Tech Supply Chain Challenge

High-tech supply chains must be fast, adaptable, and flexible. If they are not, the ramifications can be serious. It is possible to assess adaptability, but it involves analyzing, evaluating, planning, and testing. Who has time for evaluation, when managing your current supply chain takes all the time, talent, energy, and personnel you have? External consulting expertise can often be easier and provide the unbiased perspective that is required.
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Maximize, Optimize, and Minimize (MOM): The Framework for a Better Customer Annuity Supply Chain

Customer annuity supply chains, particularly in the competitive high- tech markets, are becoming increasingly important. By using the MOM framework, companies have a definitive approach for balancing customer opportunities with the other challenges associated with the supply chain, such as service, risk, efficiency, and profitability.
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Customer Annuity: Successful Companies Will Make Customer Service and After-Sales Support Their Competitive Advantage

For companies involved in the high-tech market, their field service, returns management, and reverse logistics programs should be continually evaluated with evolving performance metrics. Leadership within these areas can be the basis for a solid customer annuity program to help distinguish a company from its competitors and create a distinct competitive advantage.
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Reverse Logistics: The Least Used Differentiator

Opportunity abounds for companies to differentiate via a solid reverse logistics program. When properly executed, it can become a vital part of your growth strategy, generate additional revenues, differentiate market position, support product demand, and retain customer loyalties.
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Cornerstones of Post-Sales Service Excellence

To increase post-sales efficiencies, equipment manufacturers must ensure key business processes are in place. These include: infrastructure optimization, inventory control, lifecycle planning, and global information management. Essentially, these processes help to minimize investment in facilities, tighten inventory controls, predict service call needs, and provide visibility and management of vital information.
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Outsourcing and the Biotech Supply Chain

As complexities in the healthcare industry continue to grow, companies are looking to outsource their supply chain operations. The logistics industry is responding by expanding the capabilities that directly address their specific needs. This is especially important in the biotech industry where speed to market, scalability, and regulatory knowledge are critical. Read about some of the trends and resulting supply chain implications.
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Potential Energy and the Retail Supply Chain

Potential energy, introduced into the retail supply chain through intelligent sourcing, strategic positioning, tactical postponement, logical processing, and active management, increases business capacity and creates quantifiable economic value.
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Digital Lessons for the Consumer Goods Supply Chain

One of the hottest selling consumer products of recent years provides a compelling example that less can, in fact, be much, much more. It also provides powerful lessons for enhancing the supply chain. All we have to do is listen. Literally.
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