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Gemini is a PC-based freight system that creates the labels, documents and manifests required to move freight. It also retains your shipment history and provides several types of reports and data export functions.

The Gemini application can be installed and run on a Microsoft Windows PC, or you can run multiple computers sharing one database via a LAN (local area network) connection. Gemini functionality falls into two major categories: order processing and productivity tools.

Order Processing

  • Consolidates your orders into freight shipments
  • Produces shipping documents to accompany freight
  • Produces manifest for driver at freight pickup time
  • Creates bar-coded labels to facilitate shipping and tracking within our network
  • Accepts data from electronic scales
  • Uploads shipment data to our freight management system

Productivity Tools

  • Stores default user settings for faster data entry
  • Maintains recurring consignee files
  • Stores and runs your distribution lists
  • Provides rate estimates for shipments
  • Produces various shipment summary reports

Data can be entered into the Gemini application through either a user interface or a program interface. The Gemini GUI (graphical user interface) screens are provided with the Gemini install package.

Gemini labels, documents and reports can be printed on a laser printer or other supported printers. Output devices can be directly connected to your PC, installed on your LAN, or shared on your WAN (wide area network) when using the API tools.

Gemini Application Program Interface (API)
Gemini can provide you with API tools to integrate your systems with Gemini functionality. This eliminates the need to re-key shipment and order information from your system into Gemini. The API tool provides the benefits of Gemini without the need for a Gemini system on the dock. The API commands are published in the Gemini install package for use by your in-house IT development staff. You can also transmit information via standardized EDI format.

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